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Meet Our Preacher

Greg Madden began preaching full time in the mid 1980's and has been actively working with our congregation since moving to Alaska in 2011.


Greg and Joella Madden celebrating their 30th Anniversary

Greg is a Chiropractic Physician in Soldotna,  He and Joella, his bride of over 30 years, have four lovely daughters and two grand-babies.  Greg served on the Kenai Peninsula Borough School Board and he loves family time, friends, hunting, fishing, and American freedom.  Above all else, he values Bible study, whether individual, as a family, or with others.  "When it's all said and done, our greatest actions in life will not be of any value if we're not right with God. Having held the hand of others as they pass from this life, it's a sobering thing to consider the tragic consequences of leaving this life without fully preparing for the next." 

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